Digital Marketing Services Brighton

Digital marketing requirements for businesses in Brighton and Hove has never been greater. A thriving City with over 9,600 registered companies, being visible online has become a must in order to compete for a share of the £380m it contributes to the UK economy. Whilst home to American Express European Headquarters and other major employers such as Lloyds Bank and Asda it is the Cities tourism industry that thrives. Last year saw 2 million visitors to its seafront hotels, bars, restaurants and shops and with most visitors planning their trips online a digital marketing strategy has become a must have. 

Website Marketing Brighton

Visitors plan their trips carefully by researching online before they travel. A website marketing strategy to ensure that your online presence meets the needs of your prospects is therefore essential. The look and feel of your website, the ease of navigation, the clarity of its calls to action are all important factors in its success. WSI can help businesses in Brighton and Hove to develop a website marketing plan that attracts and converts prospects for their products and services.   

Adaptive SEO Marketing Brighton

Not all Brighton businesses are in prominent high footfall locations, Therefore, promoting your location is vital. Radio and newspaper advertising can be effective at reaching a wide audience but most of those will not require your services. Therefore, an adaptive SEO strategy aimed at reaching those online searching for your products and services will be more cost effective and get better results. Adaptive SEO is web optimisation that changes in response to Google. Google dominates the UK online search market and regularly changes the way it ranks competing web pages. WSI as a Google partner is able to understand and adapt to these changes to ensure our SEO services remain continually effective for all clients.     

Social Media Marketing Brighton

All Brighton businesses will have considered social media marketing but may not necessarily have the time, resource, money or indeed the understanding to implement it. However, with Google using social media engagement as a factor in determining between competing web pages those businesses engaging online will fair much better than those who don't. WSI can help businesses in Brighton to understand the what, when, where and why of social media marketing.   

Mobile Marketing Brighton

Brighton's visitors use mobile devices, its a fact! In the latest consumer data from IPA TouchPoints5 it states that 48% of UK consumers own a smartphone and 27% a tablet device. Mobile devices take up 42% of the total time users spend online each week. Therefore, any business not considering mobile within their marketing strategy will lose out to those who do. WSI can help Brighton businesses implement a mobile strategy.    

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